Longarm Quilting Services

Elizabeth Originals Custom Quilting utilizes the Millenium model longarm system manufactured by American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS).

The Millenium is a "stitch regulated" machine providing consistant stitch length reqardless of the quilted pattern. The 12-foot table and rollers allows quilts up to 128 inches wide to be loaded.

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All-Over Design
One design stitched from edge to egde on the entire quilt. Choose from a selection of pantographs or freehand designs...

$0.024 per square inch
Minimum $55

Custom Quilting
A separate border design from the main body of the quilt. May include stitch-in-the-ditch of one border.

$0.032 per square inch
Minimum $55

Heirloom Quilting
A combination of patterns, multiple stitch-in-the-ditch, and/or specific motifs in individual blocks.

$0.055 per square inch
Minimum $55

Basting for Hand-Quilters
Longarm machine basting.

$0.011 per square inch
Minimum $35



Cotton Batting
An all natural product by The Warm Company.

This is our standard batting that I've used for several years. A good quality material. Easy to work with, while providing enough loft to show off the quilting patterns.

Warm & Natural Cotton Batting . . . . . . . . . $11.18 / yard


Wool Batting
An all natural product by Hobbs Tuscancy Wool.

This is fabulous wool batting I've used several times with great success, and now carry in stock. A good quality material with extra warmth. Provides slightly more loft than the cotton and shows the quilting patterns well.

Hobbs Tuscany Batting . . . . . . . . . $18.10 / yard


Poly Batting
An all natural product by Legacy Poly Batting.

Legacy Polyester Batting is made from siliconized polyester for softness. It is bonded to retard bearding [aka fiber migration to the surface] and will not shrink. Polyester does not breathe like many natural fibers and therefore could make a very warm bed covering as it traps body warmth. It provides a good deal of loft promoting definition in quilting stitches whether by hand or machine. The "puff" or loft is often used in the Trapunto technique, where an additional section of batting is placed underneath an area and then quilted for added dimension. Enjoy the resilience and lofty qualities of our 100% Polyester and stitch up to 4" apart on any project.

Legacy Poly Batting . . . . . . . . . $7.60 / yard


Preparation of your quilt


Your Quilt size:

Width of Quilt in inches: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Length of Quilt in inches: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Choose Quilting:

All Over Design: $ 0.024 per square inch.
Custom Quilting: $ 0.032 per square inch.
Heirloom Quilting: $ 0.055 per square inch.
Basting: $ 0.011 per square inch.
None, I'm just pricing Binding.
( Minimum Charges: Quilting $55.00 , Basting $35.00 )

Choose Batting:

Poly Batting 90" $7.60/yard
Cotton Batting 96" $11.18/yard
Wool Batting 96" $18.10/yard
None, I'll provide my own.

Choose Binding:

Create Binding and machine sew front only. $0.12/inch
Machine sew front and back. $0.21/inch
Machine sew front and HAND sew back. $0.37/inch
No thank you, (that's the fun part!)
( from customer provided fabric )

Select Options:

Embroider and attach label. $15.00 (avg price)
Piece backing fabric. $8.00 per seam
( For Estimation Purposes Only, Final Price May Vary. )