About EOCQ

Beth has been sewing and knitting most of her life. She sews most of her own clothes and has worked on a wide variety of clothing items and projects. Though she has sewn quilts earlier in her career, quilting became her passion about eight years ago. Since that time her involvement with quilting and the number of quilts she has sewn has increased exponentially!

In 2006 she purchased an APQS Millenium Long-Arm Quilting machine and began her own business.

Beth also worked part-time at a local Portland quilt shop "Heart-to-Hand", where she both clerked and taught various classes in quilting and sewing. Heart-to-Hand is now closed due to the passing of the owner, and Beth's good friend, Wendy Wood.

EMail Beth at: Beth@EOCQuilting.com


Toby (aka: The Noodle, Tobster, Tobbers)

Pyro (aka: Pyromaniac, Pyscho-cat)

Weeble (aka: Petunia Pug, Puga-roo)